Thursday, January 31, 2013

View From the Bench: Judges on E-Discovery at LegalTech Day Two

An article by Evan Koblentz appearing on regarding the recent Legal Tech 2013 conference, which concludes today.  The article focuses on comments made by the panelists of a specific session that took place on January, 30th.  The article also provides information regarding certain specific service providers that are presenting at Legal Tech.

Monday, January 28, 2013

EDRM - New Talent Task Matrix Diagram and Spreadsheet

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the leading standards organization for the e-discovery market, announced today the release of the EDRM Talent Task Matrix diagram and spreadsheet. The Matrix, collaboratively developed by EDRM’s Jobs Project Team, is a tool designed to help hiring managers better understand the responsibilities associated with common e-discovery roles. The Matrix maps responsibilities to the EDRM framework, so e-discovery duties associated can be assigned to the appropriate parties.
Comments on the EDRM Talent Task Matrix diagram and spreadsheet are now being accepted and can be posted from today through the end of the comment period.  A link to post comments is provided in the article discussing this matrix...see the link above for further details.

Legal Tech 2013 Poll

The  eDSG conducted a poll from January 21-28, 2013 and registered 1,309 voters here are the results:
  • Planning to attend to look for a new job= 19%
  • Planning to See New Predictive Analytics Technology = 16.67%
  • Planning to attend the great parties = 14.29%
  • Planning to See New eDiscovery Platforms that Support the entire eDiscovery lifecycle = 11.9%
  • Not attending Legal Tech in New York this Year = 9.52%
  • Planning to meet with Partners = 4.76%
  • Planning to meet with Industry Analysts = 4.76%
  • Not Planning to attend any Sessions = 4.76%
  • Planning to See New Early Case Assessment (ECA) Technology = 2.38%
  • Planning to See New Document Review Technology = 2.38%
  • Planning to meet with Clients = 2.38%
  • Planning to attend all of the Sessions = 2.38%
  • Planning to walk the Vendor Area = 2.38%
  • Not Planning to walk the Vendor Area = 2.38%
  • I have no expectations = 0%
  • Not planning to attend any parties = 0%

Friday, January 25, 2013

Download NY Legal Tech App

Download the app for the Legal Tech 2013 conference to be held in New York next week from the 29th to 31st.  The app provides detailed information about the conference, and help you plan your own event schedule.